Det er lykkes at få forhandlingen af et godt agentur på højkvalitetsspjæld fra firmaet Knippenburg Armaturen GmbH .

Det er hovedsageligt mindre og meget tætte spjæld. Spjældene er som regel støbte wafer type spjæld til indspænding mellem to standard flanger og med en arbejdstemperatur helt op til 1100 °C. Spjældene leveres typisk håndbetjente eller med el- eller luftaktuator. Det er meget erfarne og kompetente kræfter med mange års branchekendskab, der står bag Knippenburg Armaturen GmbH, som er en af Europas førende inden for deres felt.

Agenturet omfatter også større og specielle spjæld, der fint supplerer vort eget udvalg af spjæld, som gør at vi kan tilbyde en større pallette af spjæld til flere formål.


We developed the BEA flange model to serve as a bypass valve. BEA provides a compact regulating system. Customers benefit from its perfectly integrated components.

On request, we can also integrate an appropriate blower into the „sealing air” model.

BEA is very flexible in design. It can also be produced as a.diverter damper,” which makes it even more versatile.

As with all our products, the BEA is designed with safety in mind and requires very little maintenance. The BEA offers high availability, which serve to ensure processes that are both a profitable and safe.

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The FINJA flange valve was designed for use in PN and ANSI applications. It is the “big sister” to our RIA wafer valve, and is in every way equal to the RIA in terms of durability, robustness and safety. Owing to its customized combination of materials and its configuration, FINJA is able to reliably satisfy your every requirement. Like all our valves, we can “automate” FINJA using any drive system commonly available on the market, together with suitable accessories. 
Other advantages FINJA offers:
  • Sealing Class 1, 11, HI per FCI 70-2 1976(R1982) or better
  • Class I optimized for dust-laden media.
  • With flanges to clamp between DIN or ANSI flanges
  • DIN EN 1092-1 1 PN-6 I PN-10 1 PN-16.
  • ANSI 150 lbs. 1 300 lbs. 1 400 lbs.
  • DN 40 up to DN 2000 (other sizes available separately).
  • For flue gas, exhaust gas and air
  • Operating temperatures up to 1050°C.
  • Low torque due to “low-friction packing”.
  • Integrated ISO 5211 interfaces.
  • Conversion kit available for easy, subsequent RIA automation.
  • Corrosion protection includes in the standard design.
  • Actuators by hand lever, worm gear, electric, pneumatic, etc.
  • 100% air tight.
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We designed RENA as a single- or multi-vane system. Unless you specify otherwise, they are produced in accordance with the DIN 24193 standard. RENA’s multi-vane system provides better control characteristics and it can be ordered in either a synchronous or asynchronous version. Upon request we can also outfit RENA with a refractory lining made of concrete or mineral wool. The,,sealing air” model is 100% leak-free and therefore completely air tight. As with all our valves, RENA is very robust, low in maintenance and safe. Even under extreme conditions, RENA offers a long service life, very low probability of failure and great reliability.
Other advantages RENA offers:
  • Sealing Class I, II, HI per FCI 70-2 1976 (R1982) or better.
  • The sealing air model is 100% air tight.
  • Class I optimized for dust-laden media
  • Flange valve with flanges as per DIN 24193 or in specified dimensions.
  • DN 50×50 to 2000×2000 DN (other sizes available separately).
  • For air, flue gas, waste gas.
  • Operating temperatures up to 1050°C
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KLEA is a standardized butterfly valve suitable for the most common applications and temperature gradations. Through her three perfectly coordinated extension levels, KLEA can be used very efficient in your application. KLEA proves her reliability and flexibility for many years in many different applications.  

Further advantages of KLEA at a glance: 

  • To clamp between flanges as per DIN PN 6|10|16 
  • DN 15 up to DN 500 
    Suitable for exhaust gas and air 
  • Operating temp. up to 550°C 
  • Leakage rate: 0,2% up to 2% of Cv 90° value 
  • Corrosion protection (outside) already in standard design 
  • Actuation by handle, pneumatically, electrically, warm gear, etc. possible. 
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