At Kolster we specialise in projecting, construction and sale of air and flue gas dampers, as well as material dampers.


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At Kolster we specialise in projecting, construction and sale of air and flue gas dampers​, as well as material dampers

Since 1968 we have worked with projects and services both within the Danish and foreign industry. These projects have contributed to the development of our comprehensive program within dampers and diverter units for air and flue gases.

Our program is designed to meet the diverse and demanding requirements, which today are required for modern companies as well as for high-technology processing plants in many areas.

We often take part in projects already during the first project stage. By doing so we ensure an optimal solution – both technically and economically. Many of our customers are leading companies within the industry, energy, environment and power/heating plants both in Denmark and abroad.

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In 1999, K.S.M. Kragelund A/S bought the company A/S Kolster Engineering. At the end of 2015 the company was merged with K.S.M. Kragelund A/S and is now part of K.S.M. as an autonomous department with the brand name Kolster.


Through our skilled employees and our high quality, we want to be known for our ability to always find creative solutions for our customers and for ourselves.

We want to be a notable player in the Danish market within traditional forging.

We produce and market a number of proprietary quality products and services that naturally fall in line with our competencies.


KSM is modern forging and machine factory, which through skilled employees, performs all types of subcontracting work in welding and cutting, as well as rolling, bending and sawing work.

Modern machines and equipment, combined with our creative capabilities for fast conversion, ensures high quality and fast delivery.

In addition to subcontracting work, we produce and market HEMA crane equipment and KOLSTER dampers, as well as perform service tasks for industry and agriculture.


We deliver with professional pride as agreed


We are open, honest and responsible


We become stronger by using each other’s strengths


We recognize each other’s diversity


We create improvements through the will for innovation


We care about our employees and our surroundings