January 2018

For a long time we have been working on a project at Uppsala in Sweden and shortly before Christmas we agreed on a price and the delivery size, so that the order has now finally been confirmed in writing.

Our customer is BWSC who are one of our regular, good customers who has facilities all over the world. The project concerns 49 dampers allocated in 7 different sizes. Twelve of the dampers will be manufactured in-house while the rest will be purchased from a supplier in Germany.

Most of the dampers are going to be installed with electrical control gear, some 1x230VAC, others with 3x400VAC. The gear price is a major part of the total price.

Delivery will take place in mid-April.

Previously, we have supplied flue gas dampers to Scandlines ferries between Rødby and Putgarden.

Scandlines have again placed an order for a total of 6 special dampers with a particular good sealing system that is maintenance friendly and at the same time completely sealed externally and internally.

The dampers are  very sturdy in relation to  vibrations which can be very powerful on a ferry.

Delivery will take place in the beginning of March.

Agency Agreement expands damper range

Finally we succeeded in obtaining the agency of high quality dampers from the company Knippenburg Armaturen GmbH at good prices. It is mainly smaller and very dense dampers that are of interest to our customers. The damper is usually molded wafer type dampers for setting up between two standard flanges and with a working temperature up to 1100 °c. The dampers are typically supplied as hand-operated or with an electric or air actuator. These are very experienced and competent forces with years of industry knowledge, which are behind Knippenburg Armaturen GmbH, which is one of Europe’s leaders in their field.
The agency also includes larger and special dampers that perfectly complement our own range of dampers, which allows us to offer a larger pallet of dampers for multiple purposes.
The agency applies to the whole of Denmark and Norway.

We celebrated the signing of the agreement and future cooperation with an order of 37 rotary dampers for the project in Uppsala, Sweden.

March 2018

PM ENERGI A/S is one of Denmark’s leading suppliers of generator systems and emergency power systems and has used our dampers on several previous occasions for shut-off purposes.

This time, 4 pcs of DN 550 were delivered, which would act as a kind of “fire damper” for temp exhaust gas. at 510°C

The dampers were installed at Skejby hospital.

May 2018

Again, Scandlines have ordered some of the heavy flue gas dampers for their ferries between Rødby and Putgarden.

Scandlines has placed an order for a total of 7 special dampers with a particularly good packing system that is very maintenance friendly and at the same time it is quite dense externally and internally.

The dampers are to be delivered in two instances with 4 pcs. in early September and 3 pcs. in early 2019

June 2018

SPX is a regular customer who works within the food industry and naturally gets dampers delivered from us in certified stainless steel and with FDA-approved packages.

This time it is a DN 1400 damper. When the damper was to be used for flow control, it was replaced with air actuator, mounted with ABB TZIDC positions.

July 2018

We have for many years supplied dampers for air filter systems. Here it is the company Filcon, Filtersupport and most recently it is RoVi Tech ApS that has taken off. This time it is a typical plant with a DN 1000 as an in-approach damper, a discharge damper DN 900 and a very dense locker air damper type DDS DN 600 as a bypass.

The plant was for a Swedish end customer.


November 2018

We have now finally signed a contract with The North Jutland Power Station, with whom we have fought an incredible battle to get the final details in place. There have been very strict requirements for reduction of sound level. It is a damper construction, which has just been designed to meet the requirements of The North Jutland Power Station. The dampers must be finished by Christmas and we have to get up to mount the dampers at the end of spring. We have offered the prospect of dampers for the other 3 coal mill lines they have at The North Jutland Power Station.

December 2018

We have entered an agreement for the supply of Air Barrage Dampers to ME Production to their smoke treatment plant called scrubbers. We have already received more orders from them and in addition to these, there will be more still to be delivered in the new year. The damper sizes vary from DN 250 to DN 1600 and are equipped with manual override gear. There is an incredible amount of activity in this area and is being developed and adapted to the individual ship series and end customers.