Januar 2017
Kolster 2017

January 2017:

As part of the new organization plan, K.S.M. Kragelund has created a construction department. This department will take care of the design, calculations and preparation of documentation for all  departments. Here we will gather the expertise regarding product development, optimization of new as well as old products.

In regards to this, a new employee has been appointed, so we are even stronger when dealing with large and extensive projects and when order processing has to move quickly.

By this, knowledge and know-how is accumulated in one place so that synergy effects can occur. 

March 2017:

Previously, we have delivered flue gas dampers to Scandline ferries between Rødby and Putgarden and on the basis of the experience gained, they gave us an order to develop a new type of damper that is very tight without the use of an air barrier.

The preliminary order  is  for 2 pcs. for delivery in early May and 3 pcs. for delivery mid-September.

It is a specially developed seal system that is very maintenance-friendly and at the same time is tightly sealed externally and internally. In addition, there are also large demands for dampers that can withstand the vibrations on board a ferry.

The dampers are going to be installed in a shipyard in Poland.

April 2017:

It has finally been possible to get the formalities finally in place regarding the 2 pcs. of specially made rotating dampers, ø800 mm, which are going to be manufactured in Duplex steel. Since the dampers are to be used on a condensation plant the interest is being able to control the damper’s temperature during operation. Therefore, the dampers must be fitted with an outer cap, where 120 grams of hot water is pumped in under pressure. The cap should be able to hold up to 13 bars pressure

It is a very exciting project, which we have to implement in cooperation with the Rattay company in Esbjerg and others in the local area.

The dampers are ordered by the Dutch company Corbion and are to be delivered on site in Thailand, where the customer is building a manufacturing company.

June 2017

The company Reecon, which lies in Vejle and who supplies air purification plants, has ordered 6 pcs. of stainless steel ø750 mm dampers with extra high tightness. It is a new construction that we have developed especially for this project. It is a principle that we believe may be of importance in the future, where there are large demands for tightness at high temperatures. In addition, the new damper construction is very sturdy and has external reinforcement that makes the damper resistant to twisting. Due to the process requires 2 switches per minute, the dampers are fitted with actuators that can handle 2 million activations.

Delivery will take place in mid-September 2017.

September 2017

We have received a good and exciting order for Babcock & Wildcox, Vølund, regarding 2 pcs. of large, almost identical distributor-dampers to be used for sampling of wood chips at a large CHP plant in England. In addition to the dampers, 4  trucks and a transitional piece are to delivered.

The valves must be surface treated to corrosion class C4 High and will be delivered mid-October on site in England.