February 2020

For one of our regular stable customers in Italy, we have been asked to replace two ø960 dampers mm from another manufacturer.

The challenge here was to pinch down on a desired installation target of 115 mm.

By sparring with our customer and our workshop staff, our construction department solved the taks to the satisfaction of everyone. The dampers were here also delivered early.

April 2020

We have succeeded in getting a huge order on a spare parts package for dampers on 37 Torm ships.

Each package consists of between 9-11 parts, each marked with the item number and ship name etc.

June 2020

K.S.M.’s Kolster strengthens its readiness and increase manning due to busyness and redistribution of tasks within the organization.

Henrik Emil Jørgensen has been taken on as a working foreman responsible for much of the practicality such as receipt of goods, shipments, inventory management. In addition, he organizes the installation and testing of all dampers.

We welcome Henrik Emil and with him on board we are prepared for the future and ready to meet the coming challenges.

July 2020

ME Production lands continuous order, which rubs off on our order book.

So there’s an order for 1 pcs DN 1600 and 1 DN 350 damper, specially made according to MEP’s specification requirements.

The dampers are intended for their scrubber plants, which they sell to shipping companies that have been instructed to comply with IMO’s emission requirements, which came into force on 1/1 2020. All dampers for ME Production are packaged in crates, and will later be loaded into containers in Frederikshavn.

August 2020

As previously promised, North Jutland Power Station wanted to place additional orders with us, which has now happened, as they have ordered no less than 3 specially made barrage air dampers for their coal mill plant.

The contract for the dampers is signed for delivery in early Dec. 2020 and with installation in the new year, which is also part of the agreement.

We look forward to getting started with the project, not least because we have particularly good relations with and cooperation with North Jutland Power Station.

September 2020

Quick help is double help says a saying. This was coming to light when we received a request from the Active Energy Plant, which wanted renovated 2 DN 900 dampers as soon as possible for an end customer in Skagen.

Within 5 days, new parts were manufactured and fitted. The dampers were tested and shipped off, along with new flange packs, a day earlier than agreed. The assembly proceeded smoothly, and the plant could be started up without extra downtime.

November 2020

Manager Knud Erik Brixen has 20 years jubilee with Kolster. 

Knud Erik is a qualified engineer and was employed to plan, produce and sell dampers in Kolster. This has given him a firm knowledge of air, temperature, pressure, expansion coefficient, raw materials, actuators and lots more. He has even sent dampers to China.

He is also in charge of our staff association and organizes our company trips. we look forward to the next one.

KSM says thank you for the first 20 years.