February 2019

We have opened up the export of Air Barage Dampers to ME Productions branch in China and from there came so many more orders for their scrubbers that we were forced to give our personel a very large layer cake as thanks for their heroic efforts.

March 2019.

DN 700 dampers made from stainless steel. with reinforced damper plate and with manual operation including two mechanical stop indicators

May 2019

Rockwool A/S has placed an order for two venturi tubes Ø600 and one. Ø300 together with two Damper DN 300.

The cones for the venturi tubes were bent in 52 steps of 5.3°, welded together with the wrappers and polished inside, so that no unwanted protrusions could be seen or felt as they would interfere with the flow around the measurement bulbs.

A perfect product made with good craftsmanship standards, thanks to in-depth knowledge of bending and rolling techniques, achieved through many years of experience.

Again, a customer who would receive products from K.S.M. that reflect workshop expertise and versatility.

June 2019

Large installation task at The North Jutland Power Station with a custom-made barrage air damper, which was completed before Christmas 2018.

The task required several prior planning visits, various security courses and was delivered prematurely and to everyone’s satisfaction. The task also involved dismantling and breaking down the old damper. The customer was very satisfied, and more tasks are in the offering.

October 2019

2 large lamella dampers 2000 x 2470 x 500 were manufactured for Danish Energy Service.

The dampers were fitted with AUMA control drive, 4-20 mA input and output signal.

The dampers are constructed with 3 one-turning damper plates and opposite-turning for by-pass flow.

November 2019

Tjærborg Industri has also spotted our large louvre dampers.

Here there is literally a louvre damper with 4 one-way turning damper plates, where the axles are supported by a center bearing.

Here, massive damper plates have been selected to meet the specific requirements.

Supplied, as custom, primed and fitted with tested electrical gear.