At Kolster we specialise in project design, construction and sale of air and flue gas dampers and diverter valves, as well as material dampers.



  • Development, production and sale of isolators and regulation dampers of many different types for heat and power plants and environmental engineering plants.
  • Most of our production takes place according to our specifications, where we have skilled labour and production facilities at our disposal
  • In conveyor systems for powder, granulate, ash, sand, cement and etc., there is a need for dampers and dividers, so that the material flow is easily and safely guided in different directions. Through our many years of work in this field, Kolster has developed a wide range of dampers and diverters for material transportation, which is currently being used successfully throughout the world.
  • The individual damper types cannot be classified by usage, as the requirements of the particular project determine which type of damper is the right one for the particular project.
  • Kolster would like to assist with this choice when disclosing requests and requirements. Kolster’s experience in collaboration with customers, gives the best guarantee for finding the optimal solution.
  • Kolster supplies complete damper solutions, including regulation and operation units.
  • Kolster would like to participate in solving special tasks regarding dampers already at the project stage.

Project engineering, development and construction

Throughout the years, we have launched many projects in our project department.

  • Within machinery design and construction of equipment for the concrete products industry we have for example developed and built automatic welding of ribbed bars for concrete poles,  casting tools for concrete and a wire pulley for prestressed concrete (see photos)
  • In our project department, we would like to take responsibility and participate in solving major or minor tasks in the mechanical industry and related industries.
  • We draw on both practical and theoretical experience from our previous projects and the know-how built up in Kolster over the years.
  • Our different practical and theoretical backgrounds together with good communication skills with our workshops, lead to ideas, creativity and motivation  come together to mutual benefit and satisfaction for both our customers, suppliers and ourselves.
  • Therefore, we will make our time and expertise available as early as possible in the course of the project, so that the optimal solution is achieved.

Our areas of work include:

  • Development and construction of special machinery and special facilities.
  • Draft proposals
  • Preliminary examinations
  • Product development
  • Consent from authorities (type and environmental requirements)
  • Construction and drawing work (CAD)
  • Production maturing and customization
  • Production standardization
  • Documentation