We designed RENA as a single- or multi-vane system. Unless you specify otherwise, they are produced in accordance with the DIN 24193 standard. RENA's multi-vane system provides better control characteristics and it can be ordered in either a synchronous or asynchronous version. Upon request we can also outfit RENA with a refractory lining made of concrete or mineral wool. The,,sealing air" model is 100% leak-free and therefore completely air tight. As with all our valves, RENA is very robust, low in maintenance and safe. Even under extreme conditions, RENA offers a long service life, very low probability of failure and great reliability.

Other advantages RENA offers:
Sealing Class I, II, HI per FCI 70-2 1976 (R1982) or better.
The sealing air model is 100% air tight.
Class I optimized for dust-laden media
Flange valve with flanges as per DIN 24193 or in specified dimensions.
DN 50x50 to 2000x2000 DN (other sizes available separately).
For air, flue gas, waste gas.
Operating temperatures up to 1050°C